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Fitness by Luc

Luc Best has been in the fitness and wellness industry for 15 years. As a personal trainer he enjoys working with a wide range of clients helping them to achieve their own personal goals - whether that be weight loss, sports specific training, injury rehab or general fitness.


He has completed a number of professional development courses from GP Referral to Athletics coaching; this ensures that he can provide up to date and relevant advice and classes to suit any clientele.


Luc’s diverse knowledge paired with his wealth of experience, provide him with the tools and expertise to work with any client to help them achieve the results they deserve.




Personalised one to one sessions, allow you to track your progress and work on personal goals. Offered in a completely private studio at Lewes Athletic Club or East Sussex National Health Club with no extra charges or membership costs.


Every session is planned prior to the appointment and results recorded during the session. Clients are more than welcome to use these sessions in their own gym time too. Giving you all the tools and skills you will ever need in the gym.


Personal Training includes a Functional Movement Screening Assessment in order to understand your body's movements and weaknesses. Attention to detail and expert instruction will provide a natural balancing of movement and co-ordination. Realigning the body is an essential step before adding a strength training to the program.


Sessions will include a focus on mobility and realignment, based on the movement screening completed in your first session and any previous injuries you may have. Each session is constantly varied, making your training interesting and enjoyable whilst achieving your fitness goals. To commence your training with Luc please call 07415614872.
Sessions are £40/hr with discounts available for multiple sessions within the week.



The chance to train in a social environment, have fun and learn new skills with friends or your partner
Having a private studio space available at Lewes makes these sessions work perfectly.
Group sessions are priced at £50/hr that can be spilt with up to 4 people, making these sessions just £12.50 per person.



Luc is a GP referral instructor and specialises in lower back pain. Along with his Pilates experience you are in safe hands. More than happy to help clients with a number of injuries. Designing programs that you wouldn’t have thought would be possible with the limitations you have. The main goal is to realign and strengthen injured areas of the body that need support. This will all be personalised to you and will vary depending on the injury.
Also on offer is a class for people with long term conditions - this is seated with standing balance work, that takes places in Ridgewood  Village Hall at 12pm on Thursdays and is only £5 per person. ​



Luc has 10 years experience in Pilates, is a qualified yoga teacher (200hrs RYT) and is the proud owner of Hillside Wellness.


You can catch a class with Luc:

Monday - 11.30am -  Pilates - East Sussex National (45min)

Tuesday - 9:30am -Pilates - Hillside Wellness, Nutley (1hr)
Thursday -
 7pm -Pilates - Hillside Wellness, Nutley (1hr)

Friday - 10.45am Yoga - East Sussex National (45min)



*Please note Hillside Wellness Classes take place in a beautiful outdoor space so run from 1st of May to the end of September.

I have some exciting combination workshops coming up at Hillside Wellness: 



Becca and Ben

"Luc motivated my fiancé and I to keep up with weekly sessions ahead of our wedding in June. In the last few weeks before the big day, we upped our sessions to twice weekly and felt the benefits of being in better shape, having more energy and feeling stronger. Since we were so pleased with the results, we’ve continued with Luc, who has encouraged us to progress our fitness and compete against previous challenges from when we first started. Seeing how far we’ve come has helped keep us motivated!"

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